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The artist attempts to creates an elusion of the third dimension on a two dimensional surface. Shapes in the foreground with background information and appropriate value shifting all help the artist to build atmosphere, distance and space. Take away Earthly shapes however and substitute with the circle or line and the illusive third dimension becomes a mater of large, medium and small in juxtaposition. A mathematical formula seams to be in play as you watch the elusion take shape. The line is being placed with thought as to length, width, and composition wile attempting to apply unequal distribution of the circles/dots elements for greater interest. The tendency is to place them in some kind of order but wouldn’t this certainly create an unrealistic elusion? When you see the finished elusion; order somehow seems to be the outcome. The entire painting represents bodies in motion and would appear to be forming their own circler pattern. I can’t help but see order when I look at the night sky and as a Licensed STARSCAPES FX muralist of many years it is this methodology I use when painting an invisible in the light bed room ceiling or wall mural.

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My early training was received from the Burnley School of Professional Art now known as the Art Institute of Seattle. My real training as an artist began after graduation and still continues today. A great painter once said, “I spent my life learning how to paint, now I need another life to paint”. One day I'll be discovered, brush clenched in hand, leaving behind an unfinished painting. What more could one ask for? Artist statement: The mechanical aspect of painting is for the most part the application of pigment, to a surface, with intent, to create a lasting impression. The creative aspect of painting requires the applicator to make good use of the tools, understand color, value, and composition........ And most importantly feel the Light. Kind regards, Len Sodenkamp STARSCAPES® FX of Idaho Artist-muralist and illusionist 208-484-0792
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